Hi, I’m Jessica! I am a Young Adult Librarian (in training) and I started this blog because I wanted to give people a platform to talk about their favorite (and not so favorite) books without having to go to a book club or take an English Literature class. I graduated with an B.A in English and I honestly miss it SO much. I loved writing notes all over my books and coming armed, ready, and excited to talk about it with my classmates for three hours. I long for the days when I had to sift through a book and come up with solid evidence to use in an essay. While you’d think working in a library would feed this strange hobby, it doesn’t quite work out that way. I want this blog to be a little like English class but without being so formal. I’ll review books but I also want to talk about why they are important, why they made me think, and what they made me think about.

Books have been the most important influence on my life and I truly believe that people are connected by stories. The more we talk about those stories, the more human we become.

So, let’s chat!

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